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VISIONS: A Poetic Paradox of Life


Sample Poems

The sample poems contained in this document are intended for your interpretation and review. The publishing of the full collection is dependent on your comments and reviews

Imeje Fidelis

All rights reserved

Imeje Fidelis©2014



We shall built us a wall against us

We shall erect a fence to separate us

For by so doing shall we have peace of mind

Living as separate entities of men among man


Our veranda shall be prohibited to us

Our corridor a taboo to us

Never shall we co-exist in peace and harmony as brothers

Because with different faces and words we’ve come to dance


None is a brother or sister to be embraced with warmth

None is equal in status to be treated with respect

Only those that share our colour and tongue shall we call our neighbour

Only those that share our believes shall we allow to rest


As lone warriors shall we be devoured by our adversaries

Even as individuals shall we lay our pit-falls and multiply our perplexities

Our squabbles, affrays, and tiffs shall continue on daily basis

Till we fall without reputation and dignity.



He longed to serve God

With all of his heart and might

This he had desired for his life

But in his life he finds it hard to defeat lies and trials


At last he obliged to pitch his tent among the monks

In that sphere he grew spiritually strong

With his entire strength he struck staunchly

Prayers and praises persisted promptly

Divine consolidation and counselling characterized the confessor

Who admonish and exhort the convert to follow the upright path


Presently, the fiend and forces of the dark realm struck a foray

Desperate to frustrate this converted soul with dark loads

Thus a war is declared that he must wage on his own

To determine his stance and fate


With much ado he fought with faith to prevail

Against his downfall the mighty hand of God

Vivify him so that he does not slump and faint

Yes indeed he vanquished without stress and much travail

Leaving behind trails of regret for the dark forces and its followers


Now at rest he sees the beautiful gate

Not many souls behold its magnificent ornament after their days on earth

Nothing there is like to serve He who sits up above the blues

With cordial lilt he walked his way through

To the lake of glory and happiness, chorusing praises

To the Lord God Almighty



The scuffle was hot and tough

All fought with great might and valour

In the hope to retrieve the foes


They thrashed and prevailed without hopes

So that they fumbled demurely into holes

Not in capitulation but fortification


They must not retreat in shame and veer home

For such humiliation that await them they already knew

So there in the caves they dwelled like brave cowards


In their fears they tightened their strength

To estimate and debilitate the strategies of the enemy

Their strategies they had devised not to be divulged


Their mettles they had treated with no taints traced

Their strategies they treated without strains attached

Determined to fight on to victory in honour of fame


Patently all worked out just as thought

Until a traitor hero claimed he can fake fame

And he the feeble hero planted a treacherous seed


His timid thoughts he thought can fraud his folks

So that he bore a hole through the bags of their secrets

Forcing its contents to leak to the banks of the river


There the enemy heard of it and embraced caution on their side

Quickly he changes side and battles from behind

How foolish he was not to have foreseen and forestall his lapses


Although he sold their plans: he could not sell the determination of their hearts

Once again the battle line afresh is drawn

And both forces clashed without wanting a draw

But this time the enemy fell sunken and drown

Also he the traitor went down dull and hard




My expressions and thoughts die not with me I pray

For of what benefit is it to a man to spend a fruitful life

And yet his name travels with him to the grave

But let my humble name

Die not together with my body

A living witness should my deeds be

To testify to my late life

I disdain cowards who faint

At the mention of the murderer “death”

Why puzzle?

Is death not always present?

Even every day beside you here-

Let not the cold hand of death scare you

For nothing have you loose

But mere breath

In as much as your name still lives

By way of your expressions and deeds


We are like animals and animals are we

Whose breath is uncertain

Life itself is nothing but expression

I pray that my thoughts, deeds’ and expressions

In life travel not with me to the grave

But serve as a reliable reference

To my departed soul

Back in the world I leave behind.



Like the failure of the moon

Like the fall of the sun

Like the fierce of the fire

Unlike the rampage of the waters-

As was in the beginning.


So shall doomsday come.

Roaring furiously like a leopard

With the strength of a lion

Consuming every sinful soul

And destroying every beauty of the world


So shall doomsday come

A curse that is irrefutable

A curse that is irreversible

A sin that is unforgivable

And a day that is unforgettable


So shall doomsday come

A horror to every creature

A day of intense remorse

A day prayed against by all

Yet a day is not avoidable


So shall doomsday come

Make haste while given the chance

Prepare yourselves for doomsday

And make a shelter of refuge


Doomsday is merciless

Doomsday is heartless


So shall doomsday come

To condemn every unprepared

Creature to eternal damnation

So join the righteous Calvary

Hastily and escape the ferocity

Of doomsday


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