The print (physical book) and electronic (eBook) formats of the (histrionic) book titled “The Trying Years: Patriarchs of League Unitus”, the first volume in the Conflict over Nothing series authored by Imeje Fidelis are available for purchase at amazon online bookstore, lulu ebookstore,,createspace ebookstore, and affiliate bookstores worldwide. This invaluable work of literature makes a very good read.

The eBook format can be purchased and read from anywhere in the world via eBook reading devices like the kindle, Nook, Kobo, and others like Android smart phones, computers etc. With relevant apps installed.

The physical book format is only available for purchase at amazon, lulu and createspace online bookstores at the moment. Interested retailers may contact the above mentioned online stores for further information on distribution.

The book description is as follows:
Pages: 120
Binding: Perfect Bound Paper
Interior Ink: Black and White
Weight: 0.5 lbs
Dimension: 6” wide x 9” height

The Conflict over Nothing Series

The Conflict over Nothing series is about the story of Unitus a Kingdom in the land of Norwegia. Although, the characters and setting in the stories are fictional, the idea behind the series is to portray a conscious symbolism of the historical realities of individual countries and or Nation-States of the world starting from the earliest period of evolution to the present day with a glance into the future.

There is also the deliberate attempt to predict the events that may likely occur in the future. The series apart from making an entertaining and interesting read also proffers practical solutions to some of the socio-political and economic challenges of individual countries of the world.

The story of Unitus, a great kingdom in the land of Norwegia began a very long time ago, before men ever thought of crossing the vast body of waters that separated the continents. In this land of splendid beauty, blessed with natural resources and minerals, lived tribes that had a lot in common. But the tribes blinded by greed and drunken by power waged protracted tribal wars against one another, partitioned the land, and erected walls of separation.

However, in spite of the man made barriers and boundaries, the tribes still interacted with one another in times of peace and maintained sovereignty over tribal and territorial affairs until the combine inter play of factors —man made on the one hand and nature on the other made it inevitable for the tribes to unite for the common benefit of all.

With territorial barriers removed and sovereignty surrendered to a central authority, the centre soon becomes threatened. Suspicion, envy and hatred have taken centre stage, can the centre still hold? Would unity in diversity withstand the test of time? Have the tribes really planted a time bomb to destroy themselves? What went wrong, when and where? How can the time bomb be defused? These are some of the symbolic questions that the series readily provides answers to.

The Trying Years: Patriarchs of League Unitus

The Trying Years: Patriarchs Of League Unitus is the first book in the series. It is divided into three Acts; Path to Unity and Greatness (Act One), Qualms and Quarrels (Act two), Reconciliation and Reconstruction (Act three). In this Volume the kingdom of Unitus is still in its evolutionary stage.

Path to Unity and Greatness

At this point the kingdom of Unitus has not yet evolved. The tribes are independent and engage one another in protracted tribal wars. The tribal wars eventually ends and five of the victorious tribal warlords (Wayne Van, Zog Hardy, Bill Sally, Sam Sou, and Lady Midi Cendor) proclaimed themselves Patriarchs and Matriarch of the Western, Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Central tribes of Norwegia. Three of the Patriarchs partitioned their domains into Provinces and made their sons and daughters governors in each Province. The Patriarchates, Matriarchate and their Provinces continued to exist independently until the combine inter play of factors made it inevitable for… a very…?

Qualms and Quarrels

Initially things had worked out well with League Unitus and the leaguing Patriarchs. There is increased production output and improved standard of living. But the law of diminishing returns soon sets in, and there is apprehensive confusion everywhere. Suspicion and disdain characterise the atmosphere. The League is threatened. Nobody seems to understand what has happened, or who and what is responsible for the chaotic atmosphere. The ugly feeling of who owns what resurfaces and there are allegations and counter allegations, intrigues, as well as physical assaults in the land. The Angels are displeased but optimistic. The Elders are apprehensive; perhaps the Fiends are at it again. With the centre weak and unable to hold… what happens now?

Reconciliation and Reconstruction

Wayne Van Patriarch of the western tribes has been relentless in his call for peace and reconstitution of League Unitus, will his efforts yield any fruit? Bill Sally of the tribes of Eastern Norwegia shows penitence for his unthinkable decision to break away from the League…will he re-unite with the other patriarchs? Zog Hardy Patriarch of the Northern tribes regrets ever listening to the Fiends…what would be his next move?


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